Friday, 8 August 2008

Getting a reader’s card at the British Library 7-30-08

This morning I got up and went with another library student back to the British Library to do some research. I had to go through the process of getting a reader’s card, which I think is an excellent souvenir because it is free! I then looked up several items of interest in the catalog, then requested them and waited for about 30 minutes until they arrived. I took some notes, wrote down some references, and got some ideas for further research. We then ate lunch at the café in the library and were on our way.

This afternoon I went with another library student to Camden Town to the market. I went because I had heard that the market in Camden was full of unique and interesting stuff, but I did not see much that I needed, or more importantly, much that I wanted and could fit in an already stuffed suitcase. I did find a black leather bracelet with a Celtic design on it, however, so I purchased that. It was also pretty busy and crowded. We grabbed some food from one of the booths set up and headed back to the dorms.

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