Friday, 8 August 2008

Tower of London, 8-2-08

My last day in London was spent walking on the North bank of the Thames with a Children’s Lit
student to the Tower of London. It was really crowded since it was a Saturday, but we got the opportunity to see some historic sites, a sword fight, some weapons from that time period being fired, some of the Crown Jewels, The Bloody Tower, Traitor’s Gate, the famous ravens of the tower, and both members of the Queen’s Guard and the Beefeaters. The exhibits in the Tower on the famous prisoners that had been held there, as well as the display of torture methods used in that time period, were very informative and interactive. The only bad thing about my last day was that both the Circle and District lines were down, so there was no Underground service between the Tower and Waterloo, meaning that the buses were packed. We ended up walking back to the dorms from the Tower, so I got plenty of walking in on my last day in London.

The official website for the Tower of London is:

That night there was a program get-together at Stamford Arms, so everyone met up and talked a bit more on our last night, exchanged contact information, and said our goodbyes, since we would be parting early the next morning. It was sad, since our class had become so close and felt like an odd sort of family.

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